Pittsburgh Pirates: Potential Free Agents With Options to Follow

These players have team and player options before they hit the open market (or return to their team), and are potential free agents the Pirates should follow.
Sep 23, 2023; San Diego, California, USA; San Diego Padres starting pitcher Nick Martinez (21)
Sep 23, 2023; San Diego, California, USA; San Diego Padres starting pitcher Nick Martinez (21) / Ray Acevedo-USA TODAY Sports
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These players have team or player options for the 2024 season, if those options are declined and they become free agents they are players the Pittsburgh Pirates should consider pursuing

An option in a contract gives a player or team the chance to return for another season or multiple seasons for a certain amount or to head into free agency, sometimes with a buyout. It's not always a guarantee these options are picked up or declined. Sometimes, a player feels they have the ability to get more on the free agent market. Other times, a team may get a good deal on a second year by activating the option for another season. Because of that, many potential free agents have yet to hit the market and won't until after the postseason.

The Pittsburgh Pirates will likely head into the free agent market in hopes of landing a few solid players this offseason. The Pirates have steadily increased payroll over the last two years and will likely try and uptick their budget on player acquisition this upcoming offseason. There's still work to be done, and the Pirates have a few areas on their roster they need to reinforce.

But some of these potential reinforcements may not be available until after the postseason if their option is declined. Today, I want to look at three potential free-agent targets that fans should keep an eye on in the coming weeks. These players have team or player options, and they're not guaranteed to get picked up for 2024.