Pittsburgh Pirates: Previewing the Left-Handed Starting Pitching Market

The Pirates have signed one LHP SP every off-season in Ben Cherington's reign, so what does this year's market look like?

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Ben Cherington has signed one left-handed starting pitcher every year since taking over as GM Pittsburgh Pirates. What does this offseason's left-handed starting pitching market look like?

Veteran left-handed starting pitchers seem to be Ben Cherington’s specialty. Since taking over as the Pittsburgh Pirates general manager, he’s signed one veteran left-handed pitcher in each of his offseasons.

In 2020, it was Derek Holland. The next year, he signed Tyler Anderson. 2022 was José Quintana, and this year, it was Rich Hill. The Pirates might sign multiple starting pitchers this off-season, but I’d put money that at least one will be a veteran lefty starter. So, what does that market look like heading into the offseason?