Pittsburgh Pirates: Previewing the Left-Handed Starting Pitching Market

The Pirates have signed one LHP SP every off-season in Ben Cherington's reign, so what does this year's market look like?

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Hyun-Jin Ryu

Hyun-Jin Ryu is one of the older but still effective lefty starting veterans. Ryu has only pitched in 34 innings but has only allowed ten earned runs for a 2.65 ERA. His 5.8% walk rate is another outstanding remark on his 2023 report card, and he’s held opponents to an 85.9 MPH exit velocity.

Ryu has never been a big-time strikeout pitcher, and his 20.3% strikeout rate is only slightly worse than his career average of 21.7%. Ryu’s 1.32 HR/9 is up, but given he has a massive 17.2% HR/FB ratio, a ground ball rate at 50%, and has been holding opponents to soft contact since his return, it’s evident he’s run into some bad luck.