Pittsburgh Pirates Prospect Depth: Catcher

New York Mets v Pittsburgh Pirates
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The Pittsburgh Pirates have added catching depth throughout the minor leagues, so what prospects now make up the farm system?

When the Pittsburgh Pirates started this rebuild, catcher was a glaring hole. The Pirates hadn’t developed a quality catcher, arguably since Jason Kendall. Russell Martin was a free agent signee, Francisco Cervelli was acquired via trade, and the closest before them was Ryan Doumit. 

The Pirates seemed to prioritize catching early on in the rebuild, and rightfully so. Not only had they not developed a decent backstop in quite some time, but arguably the best catcher in the minor league system when Ben Cherington took over was Jason Delay, whose value was nil beyond his defense. 

However, as the light at the end of the tunnel starts to brighten, catching has become an area with some decent depth. So as of right now, how does the minor league depth chart look behind the plate?

(Note that this is only minor leaguers and prospects. Jason Delay graduated prospect status last season, so he will not be mentioned as a depth option)