Pittsburgh Pirates Prospect Depth: Catcher

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Mid-Tier Prospects

Another player the Pirates acquired in 2021 was Abrahan Gutierrez. Gutierrez is coming off a solid season for Greensboro, as he slashed .257/.356/.411 with a .353 wOBA and 112 wRC+. Gutierrez isn’t known for his power, but a .154 isolated slugging percentage is a respectable mark. Although he struck out just over a quarter of the time with a 25.4% strikeout rate, he drew walks at an 11.8% rate. He also had a great second half, where he owned a 130 wRC+.

Gutierrez is a solid defensive catcher and added first base versatility this past season. He’s a contact first hitter who didn’t hit for much contact last season. His strikeout rate was not too promising, but he’s struck out at a rate below 20% in the past. He might not be up there with Endy Rodriguez or Henry Davis, but he could be a solid platoon/backup C/1B.

Another catcher the Bucs acquired in July 2021 was Carter Bins. Bins was sent to the Pirates as part of the Tyler Anderson deal. Bins did not have a great season. He batted a putrid .196/.285/.388 with a .299 wOBA, and 78 wRC+. Bins struck out at a blistering 36.7% pace, the 31st highest rate among all minor leaguers across all levels in at least 300 plate appearances.

That’s a lot of negative things to say about Bins, so let’s take a look at a few silver linings. The first is he hit 11 home runs in 330 plate appearances. His .192 isolated slugging percentage was well above average. He also posted a solid 8.8% walk rate. Bins has displayed decent defensive work behind the plate and moves well for a catcher. He also has a powerful arm. He’s a reliable defensive backstop, but offensively, you’d be lucky to get 2022 Joey Gallo out of him based on how often he strikes out.