Pittsburgh Pirates Prospects: Best Under Age-20 Performers

Some young Pirate prospects who are performing well this season

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2021 draft class outfielder

The second outfield prospect we’ll look at today is Lonnie White Jr. White Jr. was the Pirates’ competitive balance round pick in 2021. Selected 64th overall, White Jr. was one of the standout prep outfielders in his draft class. His first two years in pro ball were marred by injuries, as he only 40 times in 2021 and 2022. When he did play, however, he had a 123 wRC+, .316 isolated slugging percentage, and .879 OPS. However, he also struck out 17 times and drew just two walks.

White Jr. is still at the Complex League but is batting a hefty .327/.413/.455 through 63 plate appearances. He hasn’t hit for nearly as much power, but his walk rate is up to 12.7%. His 27% strikeout rate is also an improvement but still needs to be refined. White has stolen five bases in five attempts and was known for his outstanding speed and fielding. White Jr. could end up as a Byron Buxton-type hitter. He might not have a high average or OBP, but he’ll go into every year as a potential 30/30 threat with Gold Glove defense in center.