Pittsburgh Pirates Prospects: Building A Rotation Of Underrated Pitching Prospects

A look at a minor league rotation built with the Pirates' underrated pitching prospects.
St Louis Cardinals v Pittsburgh Pirates
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Building a potential future starting rotation for the Pittsburgh Pirates consisting of lesser talked about prospects

You could make a future rotation of Pittsburgh Pirates pitching prospects. A starting five of Paul Skenes, Bubba Chandler, Jared Jones, Anthony Solometo, and Thomas Harrington looks pretty good on paper. If the Pirates were to open the year with that as their rotation, that’s honestly better than some Major League rotations. There are plenty of other potential future rotation options behind them.

But that’s a rotation of top-pitching prospects. Skenes, Jones, and Solomon were all part of at least one top 100 prospect list. Chandler’s outstanding second half should put him on some top-100 prospect lists going into 2023. Harrington showed off some good stuff, as well. These five are on most prospect radars.

What I want to build is a rotation consisting of underrated Pirates pitching prospects. Most of these prospects aren’t on any top Pirates prospect list. But they are still prospects who deserve some recognition.