Pittsburgh Pirates Prospects: Deep Dive Into the Farm System's Pitching

A comprehensive look at all the pitching prospects the Pirates have

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The Pittsburgh Pirates farm system has a deep group of pitching prospects. So, let's take a comprehensive look at all the noteworthy pitchers the team has to currently offer.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have one of the best systems in baseball once again. After losing some prospects, mostly to names graduating rookie status, the Pirates have added a handful more top names from the draft, and most recently the trade deadline. However, a good portion of their system is filled with notable pitching prospects.

Building around pitching is probably the best route to go. Pitching is arguably the most important part to the most recent World Series winning teams. Not only is starting pitching arguably the most vital area of building a team, but it’s also the area where depth is the most important. So today, I want to take a look at all the noteworthy pitching prospects in the system, going from the very top all the way down to the depth options.

Note that these aren’t in any particular order. I will also give a brief overview of how I divided each category.