Pittsburgh Pirates Prospects: Jared Jones Promoted to Triple-A

Pittsburgh Pirates Photo Day
Pittsburgh Pirates Photo Day / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

The Pittsburgh Pirates have been very active this week in moving some of their top prospects up in levels. This could be insightful for what the future may hold for the Pittsburgh Pirates as fans continue to clamor for the debuts of Henry Davis and/or Endy Rodriguez. The one reason to pause on if these are impacting them at all is that every player moved so far has been a pitching prospect.

Last week, the Pittsburgh Pirates moved Anthony Solometo from High-A to Double-A. Then in a corresponding move, the team promoted pitching prospect Kyle Nicolas to Triple-A. Now it looks like there will be another pitcher joining the Triple-A rotation.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are promoting 2020 Draft pick Jared Jones to Triple-A.

According to reports, including one from Jason Mackey of the Post-Gazzette, The Pittsburgh Pirates are promoting pitcher Jared Jones to Triple-A. Jones, who was a second-round pick in 2020 is just 21 years of age. He ranks as one of the team's best pitching prospects receiving a 45 Future Value from FanGraphs.

Jones has the chance to be a pretty impressive story. He was selected with the 44th pick in the Draft and the Bucs gave him a signing bonus over the slot by nearly $500,000. So obviously the Front Office really liked Jones when selecting him.

However, Jones has had a decent Minor League career to this point. Although this year he has gone to a new level. He is on pace to become a Top 100 prospect in the game of Baseball. At Double-A he made 10 starts and compiled a 2.23 earned run average while striking out over 25% of hitters faced.

It will be interesting to see see how Jones does at the Triple-A level. The Pittsburgh Pirates Front Office has been relatively aggressive with moving their prep arms through the Minors. It would also be nice if moving Jones to Triple-A meant Quinn Priester moving to the Big Leagues. Expect more moves to happen over the next week.