Pittsburgh Pirates Prospects: Minor League Season Predictions

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Top Performing Position player Prospect
Henry Davis

Now don't see this as I think that Termarr Johnson will not be a great performer. But Henry Davis will start the year in the upper levels of the minor leagues, which I am taking into account. Davis will start the year at Altoona and potentially make his debut. Meanwhile, Johnson will likely start the year at Bradenton and make it to Greensboro.

Davis produced pretty good results with the bat, slashing .264/.380/.472 through 255 plate appearances. The backstop displayed solid plate discipline with an 8.2% walk rate and 20% strikeout rate. Davis, known for his power, had a .208 isolated slugging percentage. At the end of the season, Davis had a .385 wOBA and 136 wRC+.

The strange part of Davis' season comes in the number of times he was hit by a pitch. He was plunked 20 times in total, which, in less than 300 plate appearances, is almost unheard of. Some of these hit by pitches were the main root of his injuries throughout the year. Davis missed chunks of May, July, and August.

When he's healthy, Davis shows off the kind of offensive potential that made him a top-three talent in the 2021 draft. He'll be that .280 batter with an ISO of at least .250 many are looking forward to. He'll definitely make his debut sometime next season, but it might be late into the year. It will at least be in the second half, which puts into question if he would graduate to rookie status. If that is the case, the next guy up would be Termarr Johnson.