Pittsburgh Pirates Prospects: Most Surprising Performer at Each Level

These Pittsburgh Pirates prospects have been the most surprising this season

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The Pittsburgh Pirates have had multiple top prospects perform at a high level, but these names have been a pleasant surprise this year.

Pittsburgh Pirates fans who watch their farm teams probably aren’t surprised that Endy Rodriguez has seemed to turn things around. It wasn’t a major shock that Henry Davis got off to such a blazing start, or Anthony Solometo has made a name for himself in the minor leagues, already getting to Double-A.

But each level of the Pirates’ system has had some surprising contributors this season. They weren’t expected to do much but have had great seasons. Today, that’s the prospects I want to look at: the most surprising contributor to each level of the Pirate system. I’m not necessarily looking at underrated guys, but more specifically, guys who weren’t expected to do anything to begin with.