Pittsburgh Pirates Prospects: Potential Future Position Changes

These Pirates prospects could move positions in the future

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The Pittsburgh Pirates have a few prospects who may have to move positions in the near future to accommodate not only their own skill but also other players in the farm system

Prospects change positions all the time. Most second basemen were shortstops, many third basemen were also shortstops, and nearly all first basemen played other positions as an amateur in college, high school, or in their home country, or in the first few years of their pro career. There are also a handful of outfielders who were once infielders.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have a deep farm system, ranked number one by FanGraphs but also number two by MLB Pipeline and number four by Baseball America. With the number of prospects coming up through the system, there will surely be a few notable names who will move positions for one reason or another. The Pirates may have someone filling that role right now, or their skills would be better used at another position.

With that, I want to look at some prospects who could change their position before making it to the big leagues. Note that I am not considering moving from center field to left or right field as a position change.