Pittsburgh Pirates Prospects: Sleeper Player From Each Minor League Level

New York Mets v Pittsburgh Pirates
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The Pittsburgh Pirates have at least one very notable prospect at each level of the minor leagues, but some have flown under the radar and deserve more attention

The Pittsburgh Pirates still have a strong farm system, despite the number of prospects who have graduated over the last two seasons. Each level of the Pirate system has at least one very notable prospect.

Bradenton has Termarr Johnson. Greensboro boasts Bubba Chandler and Thomas Harrington. Altoona now has Anthony Solometo, along with Liover Peguero. Indianapolis has recently gotten a massive influx of talent, with Jared Jones and Kyle Nicolas each receiving a promotion to Triple-A so they can join Endy Rodriguez, Quinn Priester, and Nick Gonzales.

However, each level also has prospects that fly under the radar. They might not be ranked by any prospect publication, and if they are, they’re on the very end of said lists. But the ones I want to look at today are the sleepers, the ones that no one has given their due diligence to.