Pittsburgh Pirates: Prospects Teams Should Be Aggressive With

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Although the Pittsburgh Pirates aren't known for their aggressiveness with moving prospects up, they should be more aggressive with these three prospects

The Pittsburgh Pirates aren't known for their aggression with moving prospects throughout the minor leagues. But they have moved some prospects through their farm more assertively. Guys like Roansy Contreras and Oneil Cruz debuted after a very short stint at Triple-A (granted, they still played more Triple-A in 2022). But Endy Rodriguez made his Triple-A debut after starting the year at Greensboro, and Luis Ortiz skipped Greensboro last season.

The Pirates should see a few more prospects get moved through the system with a little more force than others. Among their top prospects, the Bucs should move these three minor leaguers more aggressively than most. That could mean a short stint at a single level or skipping a level of the minor leagues altogether.