Pittsburgh Pirates Prospects That Could Be Promoted Next

Which Pirate prospect could be next to join the MLB club?
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The Pittsburgh Pirates have promoted Henry Davis, along with Carmen Mlodzinski in June. Who could they promote next?

In June of this year, the Pittsburgh Pirates big promotion was Henry Davis. The former number-one overall pick in the 2021 draft looks to become a key member of the Pirate long-term core. The Bucs also promoted top relief pitching prospect Carmen Mlodzinski, and while the hype surrounding him was far less than for Davis, he still has the potential to be a major building block for the team's next Shark Tank bullpen.

The Pirates’ minor league system has also seen a ton of movement this month. Thomas Harrington and now J.P. Massey got sent to Greensboro. Anthony Solometo and Braxton Ashcraft were sent to Altoona along wiht Tsung-Che Cheng. Jared Jones is now at Indianapolis. The Pirates are probably far from done with moving guys around.

So with that, who are the next prospects that could make it to the big leagues?