Pittsburgh Pirates Prospects: Three Late Round Picks Off to Strong Starts

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Many of the Pittsburgh Pirates top prospects are performing well, but here are some late round picks who are doing well

Plenty of Pittsburgh Pirates fans are following the likes of Henry Davis, Termarr Johnson, Bubba Chandler, Anthony Solometo, and Jared Jones. They're just a few of the Pirates' many talented prospects. One thing all these players have in common is they were early-round draft picks. The latest pick among that group is Chandler, who was selected in the 3rd round, but was a first-round talent.

While most of those players are performing well, plenty of other prospects are posting good numbers and weren't selected early on in their respective drafts. They might not be the Pirates' best prospects, but they're still delivering the minor league affiliate they are stationed at decent offensive numbers, at least right now. Today, I want to look at three of the organization's best-performing late-round selections.

There are a few things to note before we start. There will be no undrafted free agents here, only guys who were selected, so don't expect to see Nick Dombkowski, even though he is doing decent. The second thing is only guys the Pirates have drafted in the amateur draft. The third thing is that anything after the tenth round is fair game.