Pittsburgh Pirates Prospects: Three Pitchers Whose Stock Can Skyrocket

Pittsburgh Pirates Photo Day
Pittsburgh Pirates Photo Day / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages
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The Pittsburgh Pirates could see these three pitching prospects become top 100 prospects within the next year

The Pittsburgh Pirates are starting to see many of the prospects they acquired earlier in the rebuild start to arrive on the Major League doorstep. By the end of the year, Quinn Priester, Nick Gonzales, Mike Burrows, Carmen Mlodzinski, Endy Rodriguez, Henry Davis, and Malcom Nuñez could all make their MLB debuts. That’s not to mention the prospects who already have played a few games in the bigs, like Liover Peguero, Luis Ortiz, Ji-Hwan Bae, and Travis Swaggerty.

Although the Pirates may see many prospects graduate prospect status in 2023, many more should rise up through the rankings. Anthony Solometo and Bubba Chandler are probably going to end up as top 100 prospects by the end of the season. They were both first-round-caliber talents in 2021, and it’s a bit surprising they’re not top 100 already.

But the team has many other prospects worth watching in the lower levels of the minor leagues this year. Today, I want to examine some prospects that fans should keep an eye on, as they’re guys who could potentially make top 100 lists by the end of 2023.