Pittsburgh Pirates Prospects: Three Players Who Could Earn Promotions Soon

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These three Pittsburgh Pirates prospects could get moved to the next level of the minor leagues within the very near future

The Pittsburgh Pirates lower minor league levels arguably have more talent than Double-A and Triple-A combined. Some of these prospects currently stationed at Bradenton or Greensboro are performing well and are likely going to be handed a promotion to the next level of the minor leagues soon.

The Bucs have been a little more aggressive with moving their prospects up through the minor leagues. Last season, Endy Rodriguez appeared at three levels of the minor leagues. Before that, Roansy Contreras and Oneil Cruz both made their debuts before playing much at Triple-A.

While getting them to the major leagues might be a different story, they've been moderately aggressive with moving guys through the system. Tres Gonzalez was already given an early season bump from Bradenton to Greensboro, but who are the next guys to consider?

Honorable mention to Henry Davis, but I think that's a too obvious candidate to get moved to the next level. He might be the most deserving minor league player to get a promotion. I am mostly looking at prospects who aren't obvious choices or are the ones who aren't getting the attention they deserve.