Pittsburgh Pirates Prospects: Very Early Look at Potentially Exciting 2024 Risers

While the 2023 season is far from over, let's take a way too early look at three potentially exciting prospects who could get extended looks next season.

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These three Pittsburgh Pirates prospects could really begin to turn heads when they get a full minor league season under their belts in 2024

The 2023 season is far from over, but the Pittsburgh Pirates have had a lot to commend themselves on. They’ve stayed in a playoff race into mid-June, regardless of how good/bad the rest of the division has been, and there’s been a handful of highly talented prospects making names in the minor leagues.

Anthony Solometo is probably the biggest riser among the team’s top prospects. However, Jared Jones can’t be far behind him. Henry Davis looks healthy and nearly ready to contribute to the big league club. For Solometo and Davis, this is their first opportunity to play a full season.

But looking way down the road to next season, who are some “way too early” names we can start putting on the radar now? While 2024 might be their first full season, and still well down the line, these are names you should put on the back burner.