Pittsburgh Pirates: Prospects Who Could Force Themselves Into Long Term Plans

These Pirates prospects could make their case to be involved in the team's long term plans.
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Jase Bowen

Jase Bowen might seem like an odd choice. An 11th-round pick from 2019 who has never even been considered as one of the Pirates' better unranked prospects, what does Bowen do that could force his way onto the Pirates' Major League roster and potentially carve out a future role? Aside from having logged at least 200 innings at first base, second base, and all three outfield positions, Bowen also has the potential to be a utility man with power.

Bowen has had a very solid year in 2023. Through 493 plate appearances, the utility prospect is batting .259/.335/.472. Bowen is a 20/20 threat who's hit 23 homers and has swiped 24 bags. Overall, he has a .802 OPS, .361 wOBA, and 118 wRC+ (18% better than the league average after factoring in park and league factors). But there are some concerns about his long-term ability.

The first is his strikeouts. While Bowen has never been nearly as bad as Mason Martin, for example, he's yet to post a K% below 25% in any minor league season. However, 24.5% is the best rate he's put up since 2019, in which he had just 147 PAs at rookie ball. His 7.1% walk rate is lower than you might like as well.

But the fact of the matter is, very few players can play as many positions as Bowen and have the potential to be a 20/20 threat. Even if he only hits .220-.230 in the future with a fringe OBP, you'll still get double-digit homers/steals and average defense at first base, second base, third base, and all three OF positions.