Pittsburgh Pirates: Ranking Ben Cherington's Trade Deadlines

Let's take a look back and rank Ben Cherington's previous trade deadlines with the Pirates.

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Ben Cherington has now been the Pittsburgh Pirates general manager for four trade deadlines. But how do they compare to one another?

The trade deadline is now far in the rearview mirror, and the Pittsburgh Pirates are now in the dog days of summer, like every Major League ballclub. This marked general manager Ben Cherington’s 4th trade deadline with the Bucs. Although the Pirates didn’t sell off a ton of players, they did get back some noteworthy prospects this season.

We’ll get into that later, but I want to go back and rank each of Cherington’s trade deadlines as Pirate GM. We will go from worst to best, though I am excluding the 2020 deadline. The first reason is because of the shortened season, so it’s not entirely fair to judge the Pirates’ decisions at that time. The second is because the Pirates didn’t do much, only trading Jarrod Dyson for international bonus pool money (which turned into Po-Yu Chen).

While the Pirates really haven't traded away anything major in any of their trade deadlines, and they've received back at least one good prospect or productive player, let's now take a look at Cherington's "worst" trade deadline as the Pirate GM.