Pittsburgh Pirates Rumors: Team Working on Potential Trades

St Louis Cardinals v Pittsburgh Pirates
St Louis Cardinals v Pittsburgh Pirates / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages

The Pittsburgh Pirates find themselves amid a seemingly quiet offseason, surrounded by a hushed atmosphere compared to the bustling trade rumors and free-agent signings echoing across the league. All Baseball fans anticipate the hot stove season. The Pittsburgh Pirates However, a recent revelation suggests that the Pirates are deeply engaged in trade discussions, providing a potential explanation for their measured approach.

During the offseason, rumors often swirl around player movements, signings, and trades. For the Pirates, it appears that their focus on trade talks might be contributing to the lack of rapid-fire rumors surrounding the team. This deliberate strategy could make sense as teams try more and more to keep trade talks on the down low for obvious reasons.Jason Mackey of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette wrote in his most recent offseason update explaining that the Bucs are more active than usual in trade talks:

"Talk inside PNC Park remains focused on trades, as they’re being viewed as equally as important, if not more, than free agency. The winter meetings will offer face-to-face conversations and hopefully jumpstart the offseason."

Digging deeper into the rationale behind the Pirates' emphasis on trades, one cannot ignore the current landscape of the free-agent market, particularly at the prices attached to pitching so far. We know that the Pittsburgh Pirates have a hard time ponying up to pay top dollar for free agents. So the cheapest way that makes sense for the team would be to acquire one via trade. While giving up the prospects is not necessarily what fans want to see, the team is not going to be able to

The inflated market for pitchers has seen players with 5+ ERAs commanding hefty contracts in the range of 10-13 million dollars annually. This financial landscape poses challenges for teams, especially those like the Pirates who are often more budget-conscious. While I want the team to spend, I also do not want them handcuffing them.

The Pittsburgh Pirates deliberate approach to the offseason can be tough to take from a fan's standpoint.

While the baseball world may be buzzing with activity, the Pirates have yet to make a significant move. However, if the word Jason is getting is correct then maybe the Pittsburgh Pirates will be making a significant move or two with a trade. If they do then maybe fans will actually have something to get excited about.