Pittsburgh Pirates Rumors: Texas Rangers have Shown Interest in Andrew McCutchen and a Pitcher

Texas Rangers v Pittsburgh Pirates
Texas Rangers v Pittsburgh Pirates / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages

The latest tweet from Jon Morosi of MLB Network reveals that the Pittsburgh Pirates are expected to be sellers leading up to the trade deadline. Amidst this development, Andrew McCutchen, who is having a remarkable offensive season, is being eyed by opposing teams, including one in the American League West. Still, there is an expectation that he will not be moved after all he asked Team Owner Bob Nutting to bring him back in the first place.

Andrew McCutchen, at the age of 36, is showcasing his best offensive performance since 2015. He is batting .271 with a ridiculous on-base percentage of .394. This resurgence in form adds to his appeal as a trade asset to other Ball Clubs in the League. Despite an outstanding career, McCutchen has never had the opportunity to play in a World Series, something that might sway McCutchen to be okay with a deal.

As the tweet suggests, the Pittsburgh Pirates are likely to be sellers at the trade deadline.

With McCutchen only being on a 1-year contract and a relatively cheap deal, he would be an attractive trade piece to any opposing team. By trading him, the Pirates can acquire prospects or young talent to strengthen their organization and accelerate the rebuilding process. That is the other key, is the talent coming back in the deal worth moving on from a beloved player?

One option that Morosi points out that if the Pittsburgh Pirates may consider is trading McCutchen during the summer and potentially reuniting with him in the following winter. This approach allows the Pirates to maximize the return they receive for McCutchen while also keeping the door open for a potential reunion once he becomes a free agent. This strategy would benefit both parties but is also easier said than done.

It would need to take a substantial amount to acquire Andrew McCutchen. However, the other interesting part of this is the "pitcher" that Morosi mentions. Many believe that would be the Bucs Closer, David Bednar. Bednar is a logical trade candidate for a team that is not competing. However, he is also a Pittsburgh native who is locked up for several more years. The Pittsburgh Pirates would require a substantial return to move on from him. Never say never, there are more teams making the playoffs which means there will be more aggressive buyers at the deadline.