Pittsburgh Pirates: Seven Milestones Andrew McCutchen Could Achieve In 2024

Andrew McCutchen could reach a handful of different milestones in 2024
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+50 bWAR

Baseball Reference’s calculation for wins above replacement currently has McCutchen at +48.6. He only needs +1.4 more bWAR to reach the +50 milestone. That’s right around how much McCutchen has averaged over the last three seasons. While +50 bWAR might seem kind of arbitrary, it is where you start to see the difference between the players who make the Hall of Fame and the ones who don’t make the Hall of Fame. Only 26 players have played over half of their games in center field with a bWAR of +50 or greater, and about half of them are in the Hall of Fame. Others like Mike Trout, Carlos Beltran, and Andruw Jones will likely eventually reach Cooperstown. Trout is once again the most recent CF to hit 50+ bWAR, which he achieved in 2017.