Pittsburgh Pirates: Seven Milestones Andrew McCutchen Could Achieve In 2024

Andrew McCutchen could reach a handful of different milestones in 2024
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50 triples

This isn’t one many think about, but McCutchen needs just one more triple to reach 50 in his career. McCutchen hasn’t hit a triple in the last two years, and hitting one does involve a decent amount of luck. He has to hit it in just the right part of the ballpark, hope the fielders don’t play it right but not wrong enough for it to be counted as an error, and/or hope that something completley out of anyone's control happens such as a weird hop or bounce off a wall. McCutchen was in the 77th percentile of sprint speed last season, making him the second fastest age-35+ MLB player last year. How much speed he’ll have after his Achilles tear remains to be seen, but he had the speed last year to leg one out.