Pittsburgh Pirates: Solid, if Unremarkable, Performance in the 2023 MLB Draft

Wake Forest v LSU
Wake Forest v LSU / Jay Biggerstaff/GettyImages
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The Pittsburgh Pirates recently concluded their participation in the 2023 Major League Baseball Draft, quietly putting together a draft class that may not have grabbed the headlines but certainly lays the groundwork for the future. While it may not have been a draft that stood out as overly impressive, it's important to recognize the team's efforts and the potential impact their selections could have down the line.

Headlining the Pirates' draft class are some promising players who could make a significant difference in the organization. LSU pitcher Paul Skenes, Michigan State infielder Mitchell Jebb, and prep pitcher Zander Mueth lead the group, bringing their talent and potential to the Pirates' farm system. These players have the opportunity to develop into valuable assets for the team as they progress through the minor leagues.

One clear focus for the Pirates in this draft was replenishing their pitching prospects. The organization selected a total of 14 pitchers, demonstrating their commitment to bolstering their pitching depth. By investing heavily in arms, the Pirates are positioning themselves for success on the mound in the years to come. They also opened day 2 up with a run on college players in general, but they grabbed another college hitter, corner infielder Garret Forrester out of Oregon State.

In an interesting move, the Pirates decided not to select any outfielders in this draft. This decision may have come as a surprise to fans who expected the team to prioritize top outfield prospects. While there were talented outfielders available, the Pirates opted to address other areas of need. It remains to be seen how this decision will play out and whether the organization will address their outfield needs through alternative means.