Pittsburgh Pirates: Some Information for The 2023 MLB Draft

Lindsey Wasson/GettyImages
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Tonight is an exciting night for Pittsburgh Pirates and baseball fans alike as the Major League Baseball Draft kicks off in Seattle at 7:00 pm Eastern Time. The draft, which is a three-day event, will begin with the 2023 Amateur Draft and will cover the first 70 picks. This year, Seattle is hosting the All-Star game, which means that the Draft will be held there as well.

All eyes are on the Pittsburgh Pirates, who hold the coveted first-overall pick in the draft. Many fans and experts are anxiously waiting to see how the Pirates will utilize this significant opportunity to bolster their roster. Will it be Paul Skenes, Dylan Crews, Wyatt Langford, or Max Clark? Following their first pick, the Pirates will also have the 42nd overall pick, which falls in the second round. This selection will be crucial for the team as they look to add talent to their organization.

The Pirates' final pick on the first night of the draft will come at #67 overall, which is their Competitive Balance B selection. These competitive balance picks are awarded to teams with lower revenues and/or in smaller markets to provide them with additional opportunities to acquire talent. This is why the Pittsburgh Pirates have the most money to spend on their 2023 class. The team will have a bonus allotment of $17.2 million, with $9.7 million of that geared towards pick #1. The team can also spend up to 5% of their total without forfeiting future selections.