Pittsburgh Pirates: Some Information for The 2023 MLB Draft

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After the first night, the draft will continue on Monday, where the Pirates, like all other teams, will complete rounds 3-10. Then on Tuesday, the draft will wrap up with rounds 11-20. It's important to note that the Pittsburgh Pirates will only have the top selection in the first round due to the new lottery system. In all the other rounds, they will be picking third.

Pittsburgh Pirates fans have much to look forward to in this year's draft. With the first overall pick and several additional selections, the team has an opportunity to infuse new talent into their organization and build for the future. It will be fascinating to see which players the Pirates select and how they shape the future of the team.

Some general Draft information outside of the Pittsburgh Pirates for fans:

On day 1 of the Major League Baseball Draft, fans can tune in to watch the draft unfold on both MLB Network and ESPN. These two networks will provide comprehensive coverage, analysis, and insights into each pick as it happens. It's a great opportunity for Pittsburgh Pirates fans to stay engaged and witness the team's selections in real time.

For the subsequent days of the draft, starting from rounds 3-10 on Monday and rounds 11-20 on Tuesday, fans can follow the proceedings on MLB.com. The official MLB website will provide live updates, pick-by-pick information, and in-depth coverage of the draft, allowing fans to stay connected and informed about the selections made by the Pittsburgh Pirates and other teams.