Pittsburgh Pirates: Start Warming Up Ben Cherington's Seat

Philadelphia Phillies v Pittsburgh Pirates
Philadelphia Phillies v Pittsburgh Pirates / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages

In 2023, the Pittsburgh Pirates secured 76 wins, showing some progress after enduring 100-loss seasons in 2022 and 2021. Since taking the reins in 2019, GM Ben Cherington initiated a rebuild, but the prolonged losing streak has tested fans' patience. Although the team extended star player Bryan Reynolds, the fans are eager for accelerated progress and a return to playoff contention.

This long and grueling rebuild under Pittsburgh Pirates general manager Ben Cherington has tested the patience of the team's fanbase. When Cherington took over following the 2019 season, a rebuild was expected after two straight late-season collapses. However, three 90+ loss seasons later, fans are growing tired of the constant losing and excuses.

There were finally signs of progress this past season, as the Pittsburgh Pirates improved to 62-100 after losing 100+ games the previous two years.

The team also handed out a record contract extension to star outfielder Bryan Reynolds, signaling a commitment to keep top talent. Still, fans want to see the progress accelerate into legit playoff contention soon.

This upcoming offseason is pivotal for Cherington to build upon recent improvements and strengthen the roster further. Winning 76 games in 2022 marked an improvement, but the NL Central competition remains stiff. If Cherington fails to make aggressive moves, the pressure on him could mount in 2023. The fans expect to see the light at the end of the tunnel after enduring multiple 100-loss seasons.

Cherington must seize the opportunity in the coming offseason. The farm system is brimming with talent, and the big league roster displayed growth last season. It's time for the GM to enhance the foundation through impactful signings and trades, aiming to restore the Pirates as playoff contenders. Otherwise, Pittsburgh may start clamoring for a change in leadership. To some fans, they are already at that point, and it will only spread if he continues to bring in mediocre talents.