Pittsburgh Pirates: Struggles Against the Cubs Continue, More Takeaways From Being Swept at Wrigley

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Struggles against the Cubs continue

In baseball series between teams tend to go through ebbs and flows the same way basbeall seasons do. Well, for the Pittsburgh Pirates, they are currently stuck in a very deep valley against the Chicago Cubs.

The Pirates have now lost nine straight series against the Cubs. Considering the Cubs have not been very good in recent seasons, this season included, this is, well, bad. Additionally, the Pirates have really struggled at Wrigley Field. Dating back to the start of the 2015 season the Pirates are 22-48 at Wrigley Field.

The Friendly Confines have been anyhting but friendly to the Bucs.

Wrigley Field can be a difficult place to play but that extended of struggles is ridiculous. It's similar to what has seemingly been 10+ years of struggling in Milwaukee, there is no way to explain it and no rhyme or reason to it.