Pittsburgh Pirates: Sunday, June 4th Game is only on Peacock

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Pittsburgh Pirates
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Pittsburgh Pirates / Matt Brown/GettyImages

The Pittsburgh Pirates will take on the St. Louis Cardinals today for the third and final game of the series. Today, the game will start at 11:30 am Eastern Time. This obviously is a bit different for Baseball fans but that is not the only difference.

Today's game with the Pittsburgh Pirates and the St. Louis Cardinals will only be on Peacock TV.

That is right folks only on a streaming service. So if you have Peacock that is good news for you as you can watch the game. However, it is exclusive to Peacock so there is no local channel option or any way to stream it on MLB.tv.

This is a part of the new Major League Baseball. This is not the first time this has happened. Apple TV also spotlights certain games on Fridays. If you want to view those games you have to have Apple+ TV.

This is a direction that things are going in not just in Baseball but in other sports as well. The National Football League announced that Peacock TV will have exclusive rights to one Wild Card weekend game. ESPN, which has the National Hockey League Rights, has certain games that can only be watched on ESPN+.

Whether you agree with the streaming service idea or not it is a reality. So if you want to get into today's game featuring the Pittsburgh Pirates and St. Louis Cardinals be sure to tune in via radio. You can also follow along using MLB or ESPN to follow along with their game tracker. If you have xfinity you likely have peacock.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are in a great position for the third game of this series. They have already taken the series against the Cardinals and no matter what happens today they will still lead the season series with the Red Birds. Hope you get to catch the game in some capacity and let's go Bucs!