Pittsburgh Pirates: Takeaways From Frustrating Series Split in St. Louis

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Their four-game series at Busch Stadium was there for the taking, but the Pittsburgh Pirates had to settle for a very frustrating series split

Typically when a Major League Baseball team plays a four-game series on the road against a team that is projected to be a division winner and they split that series it's considered a success. Well, it did not feel that way for the Pittsburgh Pirates in St. Louis.

The Piraes traveled to Busch Stadium for a four-game series agaisnt the Cardinals. After winning game one on Thursday night, a series victory was very much in play. Unfortunately, the Pirates let a winnable game on Friday slip away. They also let a game they absolutely should have won on Sunday slip away, leading to a series split.

Following the split, the Pirates are now 9-7 overall this season. This includes being 2-2-1 in their five series played. To be honest, this series split may have been more frustrating than either one of their series losses.

Before looking ahead to a trip to Denver to play the Rockies for the final three games of their road trip, we'll take a look back at their series in Busch Stadium. Let's take a look at some takeaways from the team's very frustrating series split in St. Louis.