Pittsburgh Pirates: Takeaways From Frustrating Series Split in St. Louis

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Jordan Walker looks very average and the Cardinals remain very annoying

If you did not look at his stats or watch him play, based on how Cardinal fans have acted you would think outfielder Jordan Walker was the second coming of Jesus Christ. However, against the Pittsburgh Pirates, the so called rookie phenom looked very average.

In this series, Walker was 1-for-13 with six strikeouts. He often times looked overmatched at the plate. Walker also barely avoided defensive disaster in the outfield a few times. He is now hitting just .267/.302/.400 on the season with a 91 wRC+. Ok numbers, but he is not the phenom Cardinal fans like to make him out to be.

As for the Cardinals as a team, they are still really annoying. Bloop hits, weakly hit ground balls finding holes, their fans yelling "11 rings!" on Twitter, this organization and fan base are insufferable. There is not one single redeeming quality about that franchise. How about Oli Marmol getting ejected on Saturday for arguing balls and strikes when every missed call favored the Cardinals?

Arrogant. Entitled. Thinking that the baseball world revolves around them and that they're better than you. They are without a shadow of a doubt the most dislikable franchise in all of sports, and that was on full display in this series.

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