Pittsburgh Pirates: Team in Dire Need of Starting Pitching, More Takeaways From Series Loss

Takeaways from the Pirates four-game series at PNC Park against the Cubs

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You're weekly reminder that Andy Haines must go

We'll gladly continue to beat this dead horse. Andy Haines needs fired. MUST be fired. There is ZERO reason for the Pirate hitting coach to spend another second as the team's hitting coach. But... we all know he isn't going anywhere.

Haines was a bad hitting coach with the Milwaukee Brewers and played a large role in Christian Yelich having some of the worst seasons of his career. Since coming to Pittsburgh, nothing has improve with Haines. There is little to no progress from Pirate hitters and the team's offense.

Against the Cubs the offensive struggles continued. Pirate batters went 5-for-31 with runners in scoring position in the series loss and left 24 runners on base. All while scoring just 13 runs in the four game series, barely 3 runs per game with 6 of the 13 coming in Saturday night's loss.

It's time. It's been time. It's beyond time.

Fire him.

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