Pittsburgh Pirates: The Door Closed on the 2017 Draft

Pittsburgh Pirates Photo Day
Pittsburgh Pirates Photo Day / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages
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In the world of baseball, the MLB Draft is an event that stirs excitement and anticipation like no other. For teams, it's a chance to replenish their farm systems with the young, raw talent that will hopefully lead them to future championships. Fans eagerly watch as their favorite organizations make selections, hoping to catch a glimpse of the next superstar. The Pittsburgh Pirates 2017 draft class, at the time, appeared to be a beacon of hope, promising to inject new life into a farm system that needed it at the time.

The 2017 MLB Draft arrived with high hopes and great expectations for the Pirates. Armed with a first-round pick, competitive balance selections, and supplemental picks, the organization had a unique opportunity to shape its future. This draft class was seen as a pivotal moment in the Pirates' ongoing quest to return to the pinnacle of baseball. Fans and analysts alike were optimistic that the team would secure a group of young talents capable of revitalizing the franchise and bringing it back to its glory days.

However, as we look back on that fateful draft class, the rosy expectations have faded, and a sobering truth emerges – the Pittsburgh Pirates' 2017 draft class was nothing short of a disaster. What was meant to be a turning point in the team's fortunes turned out to be a missed opportunity that left fans questioning the decision-making process and the future of the organization. Let's delve deeper into the disappointments and missed potentials that characterized this ill-fated draft class.