Pittsburgh Pirates: The Door Closed on the 2017 Draft

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Cal Mitchell: The Last Straw

Perhaps the final nail in the coffin for the 2017 draft class was the departure of second-round pick Cal Mitchell. The Bucs dfa'd the lefty-hitter this past weekend. Mitchell, an outfielder, was the last of the top picks from that class to be moved on from by the Pirates. While he showed potential, the organization decided to part ways with him, signaling the ultimate disappointment of the entire class. Mitchell had several chances to make it at the Big League level with the Pittsburgh Pirates. However, in just over 200 at-bats over the last two seasons, Mitchell has a batting average of .222 and an OPS of .627.

In retrospect, the 2017 draft class for the Pittsburgh Pirates will be remembered as a missed opportunity. High hopes were placed on these young, prep talents, but for various reasons, they failed to deliver the expected results. The departure of key players like Baz, Jennings, Uselton, and Mitchell serves as a reminder of the challenges and uncertainties that come with scouting and developing young talent in the world of baseball.

As Pirates fans, we must remain optimistic about the future and hope that future draft classes will bring the success that eluded the 2017 class. Baseball is a game of highs and lows, and while this draft class was undoubtedly a low point, it's essential to remember that brighter days may be on the horizon.