Pittsburgh Pirates: The Five Previous First Overall Selections

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With the MLB Draft fast approaching on July 9th, the Pittsburgh Pirates find themselves holding the coveted first overall pick once again. Over the years, the Pirates have had the opportunity to select exceptional talent at the top of the draft and have had mixed results. As fans and analysts eagerly await the selection, let's take a look back at the previous first-overall picks made by the Pittsburgh Pirates. This group includes Henry Davis, Gerrit Cole, Bryan Bullington, Kris Benson, and Jeff King.

1. Henry Davis (2021):
Henry Davis, a talented catcher, was selected as the first overall pick by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 2021 MLB Draft. Hailing from the University of Louisville, Davis quickly gained recognition for his exceptional defensive skills and powerful bat. His ability to control the game behind the plate, handle pitchers effectively, and throw out baserunners made him a highly coveted prospect, in a Draft class that had no clear-cut #1 pick. Also, the team was able to save money against the Bonus Pool to make impactful later selections.

Offensively, Davis possesses tremendous raw power and an advanced approach at the plate. His compact swing generates both line drives and home runs, making him a threat in any lineup. With a keen eye for pitch recognition and the ability to make adjustments, Davis consistently puts together quality at-bats. He has made his debut with the Pittsburgh Pirates and is off to a good start batting .296 through his first 15 career games.