Pittsburgh Pirates: Three College First Basemen To Watch This Year

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The Pittsburgh Pirates could look to add to a position with little high-end depth in the system during this year's draft, that being first base. So here are three college first basemen to watch this spring.

Most first base prospects don’t start at first base, and you also don’t typically see first baseman drafted in the early stages of the draft. However, there are a few potential early draft prospects to watch during this year’s college season. The Pittsburgh Pirates have very few first base prospects. Malcom Nunez is the best they have to offer, but that’s about it.

Josiah Sightler was a late-round pick from last year, and the only other noteworthy 1B prospect is Mason Martin, who greatly struggled last year (and that’s putting it lightly). The college season is just around the corner, and the Pirates have the #1 overall pick in this year’s draft. While the Pirates aren’t going to draft a first baseman with the first pick, there could be an opportunity for them to select one later on in the draft, and today, I want to look at a few college first basemen Pirates fans should keep an eye on during the spring.