Pittsburgh Pirates: Three Left-Handed College Pitchers to Watch This Spring

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The Pittsburgh Pirates could look to add more left-handed pitching in this summer's draft and these three college lefties will be worth watching this spring

Good left-handed pitchers are valuable, and they’re harder to come by than good right-handed pitchers. The Pittsburgh Pirates’ system has very little LHP depth. Their top lefty pitching prospect is Anthony Solometo, followed by Michael Kennedy, Hunter Barco, and relief prospects like Tyler Samaniego and Nick Dombkowki. While that’s not to say that they’re bad players (especially Solometo), it’s a steep dropoff as only Solometo, Kennedy, and Barco project as starting pitchers. Plus all three are at least a year-and-a-half away from making their major league debut.

But the Bucs could add another potential long-term LHP to the system in this year’s upcoming draft. They have the no. 1 pick, and while there’s no left-hander who is projected to go that high in the draft, they still have the fourth pick in each of the following rounds. They could go after a high school arm, but let’s take a look at some college arms worth watching this spring.