Pittsburgh Pirates: Three More Forgotten Position Changes

Milwaukee Brewers v Pittsburgh Pirates
Milwaukee Brewers v Pittsburgh Pirates / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages
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Players change positions for a multitude of different reasons, but you may have forgotten about these Pittsburgh Pirates who moved off their original position.

A good portion of Major League Baseball players can claim they played another position than their current primary home at one point in their careers. For example, almost every second baseman was a shortstop as an amateur or at some point in their minor league careers. Many first basemen also originally played different positions than first base. Many third basemen were shortstops as well.

A few months ago, we looked at six different times a Pittsburgh Pirates player changed positions that you may have forgotten about. Everyone knows that Willie Stargell went from left field to first base late in his career, but did you know that Honus Wagner didn’t play a game at shortstop until he was 27 and wouldn’t become a full-time starter at the position until he was 29?

There are plenty more where that came from, so let’s take a look at a few more position changes you may have forgotten about. (Note that we’re not looking at minor position changes. So, for example, a player moving to designated hitter more often or a left fielder becoming a right fielder isn’t going to be on this list. Utility men will also not be included, nor will players who learned a new position but still saw a good amount of time at their original position intermittently).