Pittsburgh Pirates: Three More Prospects Who Could Make Their Debuts This Season

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These three Pittsburgh Pirates should debut sometime later this year, joining the large number of other prospects who have already debuted

The Pittsburgh Pirates have debuted a ton of players in 2023. Over this summer, Carmen Mlodzinski, Nick Gonzales, Henry Davis, Jared Triolo, and now Quinn Priester and Endy Rodriguez have all played at least one Major League game. That's a half-dozen players and not including others who debuted before June, like Jose Hernandez (Rule 5 pick), Canaan Smith-Njigba, and Cody Bolton are three more noteworthy names who have played in the big leagues for the first time in 2023.

However, despite all these prospects, the Pirates' youth movement is far from over. If anything, this is just the start. We should see many more prospects coming up through the system, especially in 2024. But the 2023 season is still far from over. The Pirates should debut at least a couple more prospects before the year ends.

So who are these names that have a good chance of making their dreams come true and being in the big leagues by the end of September?