Pittsburgh Pirates: Three More Underlying Numbers to Focus on in 2023

Pittsburgh Pirates v Arizona Diamondbacks
Pittsburgh Pirates v Arizona Diamondbacks / Kelsey Grant/GettyImages
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The Pittsburgh Pirates have a handful of players who could make improvements next season if they take advantage of these underlying stats.

What the back of a baseball card says about a player barely scratches the surface of how productive or how good a player is or can be. There are many ways to analyze a player and how they could perform in the future. With the Pittsburgh Pirates having so many young players, their future looks like it could be extremely bright. 

But they have plenty of players with good underlying numbers that could greatly improve next season. At the start of December, we took a look at three underlying statistics that could help three Pirates players going into next season. There are plenty of more prominent underlying statistics worth looking at, and that's what we're here today to look at.