Pittsburgh Pirates: Three Moves That Will Pay Dividends In 2024

These three Pirates acquisitions will pay dividends in 2024.
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The Pittsburgh Pirates acquired a handful of players this off-season, but these three players will pay dividends this upcoming 2024 campaign

The Pittsburgh Pirates have made a handful of moves this off-season in hopes of taking a step forward from their 76-win campaign in 2023. Even though they're probably not done yet, even as Spring Training rapidly approaches, some of the acquisitions they've made have the potential to make a major impact on the Pirates' 2024 season.

But I think that these three moves the Pirates made will not just work out well but will be some of the best moves they made this off-season. These three players will likely play a major role for the Bucs, but I think they'll end up overperforming what many are expecting of them.