Pittsburgh Pirates: Three Outfielders to Potentially Pursue

The Pittsburgh Pirates are reaching a point where they must decide what their future looks like. To compete, they must reinforce the outfield. Here are three outfielders they should consider.
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Still in need of outfield help, could one of these options fill that hole for the Pittsburgh Pirates?

The Pittsburgh Pirates are starting to reach a pivotal point in recent history where they need to reinforce the roster as a whole and fill the team full of players that could lead a contender deep into the postseason.

The Pirates probably won’t be the best in 2024, finishing around fourth in the division, but the window of contention really opens after this upcoming season. One main hole seems to still be the outfield, which the Pirates continue to try to fill, but it doesn’t seem to have the best footing with two spots taken by both Jack Suwinski and Bryan Reynolds. They still need an All-Star caliber player to fill the outfield since depth like Joshua Palacios and Edward Olivares isn’t enough.

There are still many free agents the Pirates are likely to consider, but they should also attempt to move some assets to acquire more talent that isn’t as expensive as making a splash in free agency.