Pittsburgh Pirates: Three Promising Small Sample Size Statistics From The First Week Of The Season

Chicago White Sox v Pittsburgh Pirates
Chicago White Sox v Pittsburgh Pirates / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages
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Although the baseball season has just started, the Pittsburgh Pirates have seen some promising underlying stats early on this season

The Pittsburgh Pirates are off to an outstanding start to 2023. Sure, it's early, but you're either lying or miserable if you haven't had any bit of fun yet while watching the Pirates. No player has played enough to make a definitive conclusion about what the future will hold for them, but that doesn't mean there haven't been any promising small sample sizes from the first week of the campaign.

And that's exactly what we'll be looking at here today. Three small sample sizes, but promising ones nonetheless. Specifically, we'll be looking at more under-the-hood metrics. That's not to discount Bryan Reynolds' .448/.469/1.103 triple-slash, but I want to look at some things that could help predict the future of these players a little more.