Pittsburgh Pirates: Three Prospects Who Could Become Trade Bait

San Francisco Giants v Pittsburgh Pirates
San Francisco Giants v Pittsburgh Pirates / Justin Berl/GettyImages
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The Pittsburgh Pirates could see these three minor league players eventually become trade bait to bolster the major league team.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are getting closer to being a competitive ball club this year. With the addition of multiple veterans, this off-season to help supplement the up-and-coming young talent, both on the major league roster and at Triple-A, 2023 should be an interesting year. It should prove to be a transition year, with the Pirates improving greatly, but maybe not to the point where they are contenders.

But the Pirates certainly could make some trades to help their future. At this point in the rebuild, the Pirates should at least be analyzing what prospects could eventually become trade bait. Today, that’s the kind of prospects we are looking at. These guys may become trade pieces for the Pirates to acquire proven talent. While none of them will bring back the next Juan Soto, they could still get something back that improves the big league team in the long haul, as things stand right now.