Pittsburgh Pirates: Three Prospects Who Could Climb End of Season Rankings

What Pirates prospects will likely move up prospect rankings by the end of the season?

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When final prospect lists are released, these Pittsburgh Pirates prospects who have gained prospect stock this season could move up lists.

The Pittsburgh Pirates farm system is one of the best in the league. Some (specifically FanGraphs) rank it as the best in terms of value. They also rank it second in terms of average value. Of course, over this past month, the Pirates have gained a lot of young talent. The draft netted them guys like Paul Skenes, Mitch Jebb, and Zander Mueth, and then the trade deadline got them Jackson Wolf, Estuar Suero, and Jhonny Severnio. 

But the Pirates do have a handful of prospects who might make the system look even better, simply because they’ve played so well this season. The Pirates have had a few prospects breakout, and by the end of the year, when prospect rankings and different publications post their end of season updates, the Pirates could see these prospects gain traction and move up the team’s rankings.