Pittsburgh Pirates: Three Prospects With A Lot To Gain In 2024

These Pirates prospects have a lot to gain if they have a good 2024 season.
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The Pittsburgh Pirates have a strong farm system, but these three prospects could gain the most by having a good 2024 season

The Pittsburgh Pirates have a lot of exciting prospects. 2023 was an important year for a lot of prospects. Jared Jones and Anthony Solometo needed to build off the talent they showed in 2022, while Termarr Johnson had a lot to live up to. But the Pirates’ farm is filled with a ton of young talent, much of which has yet to get a chance to prove themselves.

2024 will also be an important year, not just for the Major League Pirates but their minor league squads as well. But today, I want to look at three prospects who have the most to gain with a strong 2024 season. Even though the season is still months away, it’s never too early to talk about potential breakout candidates and ones who will look to take major strides the next season.