Pittsburgh Pirates: Three Prospects You Forgot Were About

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The Pittsburgh Pirates have a handful of highly talented prospects, but these three minor leaguers are somewhat forgotten about among their top talents.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have seen the rise of some very talented prospects like Endy Rodriguez, Mike Burrows, and Luis Ortiz over the past year. They, along with the likes of Henry Davis, Nick Gonzales, Quinn Priester, Bubba Chandler, Anthony Solometo, and the addition of Termarr Johnson, Thomas Harrington, and Hunter Barco, have helped the Pirates build a formidable farm system. Not to mention some other, still highly talented players looking for a rebound, like Liover Peguero and Jared Jones, are lurking in the minors. Over the past few years, plenty of talent has been added, making the Pirates’ future look fairly bright.

But there are certainly players the Pirates have added who have become somewhat forgotten in the system. They’ve been injured and haven’t played much, or they’ve simply been overshadowed. Whatever the case may be, the Pirates are still going to give them a chance to prove themselves, even if they have ran into some bad luck. Today, I want to look at a few prospects fans likely have forgotten the Pirates still have.