Pittsburgh Pirates: Three Roster Moves That Would Improve the Roster

Pittsburgh Pirates Photo Day
Pittsburgh Pirates Photo Day / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages
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The Pittsburgh Pirates are on a rough go of things right now, but these three small, quality of life roster moves could have a positive impact on a time in dire need of some positive

The Pittsburgh Pirates haven’t had a fun month of May, and that’s putting it lightly. While nobody expected them to keep the pace they had in April, they’ve taken a complete nose-dive off the cliff. I don’t think April was sustainable, but I also don’t think this current stretch is sustainable. Either way, the Pirates need to make some changes to the roster.

They’ve made more proactive moves this year compared to previous seasons, like optioning Mark Mathias after struggling and DFA’ing Chase De Jong, but the team needs to do more. That’s not to say they should do anything drastic, but there are certainly in need of some change.

Some relatively small quality-of-life changes to the overall Major League roster could greatly impact the season, and today, I have identified three roster moves that the Pittsburgh Pirates should make sooner rather than later.